Our Name... Sterling Concrete Inc.

In the world of precious metals, silver is considered one of the most versatile and desirable of them all. In the world of silver, “Sterling” silver is regarded as the most sought after and coveted due to its purity and rarity. 

In the world of concrete construction, many technological advances have drastically changed, not only the concrete product itself but the installation process as well.

Not all but many of these advances, while allowing for cost saving advantages to the consumer as well as easier installation procedures to the contractor have compromised the “Sterling” purity of the end-product and ultimately the very craft itself. 

The Sterling Concrete Inc. Philosophy

We, at Sterling Concrete, Inc. believe that many of the “tried & true” products and installation practices of old that, for years, stood in the industry as the “recognized standard” have been discarded/modified by engineers and architects alike due to the lure of higher margins for profit and an ever-increasing demand for quicker turnaround times. 

While we are not unaware of innovations that improve our end product to our customer, Sterling Concrete is always careful to implement and adopt “only” those practices and product modifications, regardless of cost, that will serve to “increase” not “decrease” the strength, durability and overall quality, that we deliver day in and day out to our most valuable asset, you, our customer. 

We understand that there are many options available in to you as a consumer in this area. You have a choice as to who you will trust with your next concrete project.  We ask that you consider Sterling Concrete as “one” among those and allow us the privilege of not just earning your confidence/trust but giving us the opportunity to show you the “Sterling” difference.